What is the 16PF Questionnaire?

The following Personality Inventory is available for you to take: Cattell's Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire,  Click this hyperlink to see sample profile. E-mail or call your instructor to receive your user name, password, and WEBSITE in order to take the test online.

The sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire (16PF), originally developed by Raymond Cattell, is a factor-analytically derived questionnaire for personality assessment. Cattell used factor analysis to uncover the deep, basic traits that underlie human behavior. The 16PF scales that he derived measure temperament--a person's characteristic style of thinking, perceiving, and acting over a relatively long period of time and in a wide range of different situations. These personality traits are manifested in a set of attitudes, preferences, social and emotional reactions, and habits. Each trait has its own history, and is derived from a complicated interaction between inherited disposition and learning from experiences. Some traits primarily involve internal regulation of impulses and serve as defensive or adaptive purposes. Others are maintained by habit or are functionally autonomous. Still others seem to be stylistic responses to the pressure of inner drives. In all, they have a pervasive effect on practically every facet of a person's overall functioning and way of being in the world.

The 16PF, first published in 1949, measures no fewer than 16 temperament traits. Much of what makes people unique comes from the array of possibilities that so many traits afford. As with everything else in nature, whatever exists does so in some quantity or strength, and an individual's particular endowment on these poles is what creates his or her distinctive style.* Source: The 16PF: Personality in Depth, H. B. Cattell, Ph.D., 1989

Your instructor will make the 16PF inventory available to you upon request. The inventory is worth a maximum of 50 points. You must complete the inventory before  completing the final exam and the final project in order to receive credit for the 16 PF Inventory.

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