1. What are the three aspects of the idea that "the money will follow'? Explain each and give an example. [1]

2. What are the three type of risk takers. Explain and give an example. What type are you?

3. What is the most important concept that you learned from this chapter?

 To receive full credit for your assignments  send email  in complete standard English sentences, provide operational definitions of words, illustrate by  example, cite sources used in your answers, and provide reasoning when giving your own opinion and support it with your own experience and examples. Do not copy articles without permission and please summarize in your own words and indicate what you have learned from them.

Indicate the assumptions  that you are making, if you intend the opinion to represent anyone, or anything, other than yourself, or your own experience. Indicate any supporting data that you have in making your assumptions and what experimentation would be necessary in order to strengthen the argument or your claim.

If you present information as fact, please indicate the source and the method used to establish the fact.  If you are using a theoretical hypothesis, please state it and the method used for the examination or proof of  it. If you are stating an apriori assumption, or  affirming a commonly  held  "belief system," please limit your discussion  to your own experience and indicate how you apply it successfully to yourself. Please include an opposing argument to your affirmed " belief system" and indicate with  your reasoning as to how it is not as applicable to you as is your own belief system.

1. Marsha Sinetar, Do What You Love, The Money Will Follow, New York: Bantam Doubleday Dell Publishing Group,Inc.,1987,p.120

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