You probably have noticed that all the people you have asked about what you should do had a story of how

they choose what they did.  Do you think people have any control over their choices?

Perhaps, you have your own theory of how people choose their occupations. What is it?

Hint: A theory may be thought of as analogous to a donut.

When I was about 10 years old, I remember hearing this saying, which was written on an Old's doughnut package.


As ye ramble on through life brother\sister

whatever be your goal,

Keep your eye upon the donut,

And not upon the hole.-Unknown


To receive full credit for your assignments send email in complete standard English sentences, provide operational definitions of words, illustrate by example, cite sources used in your answers, and provide reasoning when giving your own opinion and support it with your own experience and examples.

 Indicate the assumptions that you are making, if you intend the opinion to represent anyone, or anything, other than yourself, or your own experience. Indicate any supporting data that you have in making your assumptions and what experimentation would be necessary in order to strengthen the argument or your claim.

 If you present information as fact, please indicate the source and the method used to establish the fact. If you are using a theoretical hypothesis, please state it and the method used for the examination or proof of it. 

 If you are stating an apriori assumption, or  affirming a commonly held "belief system", please limit your discussion to your own experience and indicate how you apply it successfully to yourself. Please include an opposing argument to your affirmed " belief system" and indicate with your reasoning as to how it is not as applicable to you as is your own belief system. .

 Briefly stated: A theory may resemble a donut in that, while it may explain human behavior, it usually has a hole i.e., ( lacks data) to account for every possibility. Lawful behavior would explain every possibility; therefore, it would be more inclusive than a theory. Consult an online dictionary to review the definition of a theory.

In formulating a theory in empirical science, please note the following four points to consider:

1. A theory is a perception of a problem/solution.

2. A theory requires initial independent observations.

3. A theory formulates tentative solutions.

4. A theory tests its assumptions to arrive at considerable reliability.

Go to lesson 8 if you want a review of some commonly held theories! If you are stating your own theory, be sure to answer the following questions:

  1.  What is the hypothesis? 2. What is or/are the assumptions  to test?  3.What is or/are the experimentation methods used?  4 What conclusions would you expect?

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