List some occupations which you have considered.

Identify the people, events, and written material that  have been influential in shaping you in choosing to go to college and/or in choosing a career.

Rank the choices from 1-5 in importance. (1 is most important to 5 as least importance.)

To   refresh your mind you may wish to review the many thousands of possibilities of occupations available to you by referring to this online resource titled, "Dictionary of Occupational Titles"( See my example below: of the career choices I made and the influences the people had upon me in choosing these occupations.)

Occupation                    Person                        Rank of Influence

1. Teacher                     Mother                        1

2. Psychologist               Sister                          2


3. Psychotherapist          Mother                       

6. Musician                     Mother                         1  


7.Businessman                  Uncle                          3


8. Linguist                       University Professor      2


9. Administrator               University  President      2


10.Travel Consultant        College Students              2


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