My Graph of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

                            Construct two bar graphs as follows:

                What I Need                          My current situation

Example. Use a y axis to illustrate points, 10-100

Use an x axis to abbreviate and label Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs as follows: P= Physical, S=Security, B=Belonging, E=Ego, A= Actualization


Can you now see what needs are your motivators?

Hint: According to Maslow, a need is no longer a motivator when it is satisfied. Needs are motivators when they are not met.[1]

What similarities and differences do you see in your current situation and in your need situation?

What are some of the strengths and some of the limitations in Maslow's theory? Explain your reasoning.

Include your bar graphs, and explain what needs are your motivators.

1. Jack L. Rettig, Careers, 2nd ed., Belmont, California: Fearon/Janus/Quercus, 1986, p.23

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