1.Briefly state the various theories explained in your texts. State your favorite one and give an example how it may help you to explain your occupational choice, or choices. What are some of the pitfalls in the theories presented, as they relate to occupational choices? What is some of the information you would need in order to make the theory work better for you? Which is your least favorite theory and explain your reasoning. Be sure and explain the differences and similarities between the following: a theory and an opinion, between a theory and a fact, between a theory and a belief system, and between a theory and absolute truth. Be sure an include a definition of each and indicate your reasoning. Please quote or cite any sources you use other than your own experience.

2. What is "work" and "non work" as defined in the texts? Explain the differences and similarities of work when it is an" addiction" and when it is "self-actualization." Give a personal example of each demonstrating with your work schedule, and, or your college classes. Briefly, outline Maslow's theory of self-actualization and indicate how you believe you are, or are not, following Maslow's theory. Please give examples and explain your reasoning.

3. Defend the assertion, "Do what you love, money will follow." How does such a statement assist one in making a career choice in today's competitive, and technological employment market? What are the limitations of this idea? What are its strengths? Be sure and include a discussion of Marsha Sinetar's idea of "inner wealth," "waiting," and "letting go."

4. Discuss the subject, "Who will be my teachers after you finish school?" Discuss the role of boss as a teacher and the importance of selecting a good one. Be sure an include in your discussion Dr. Douglas McGregor's "X" and "Y" theory. What type of a worker or student are you? Explain your reasoning and give examples. Comment on the adage that "You are always on time!" Explain how this relates to Maslow's theory of self-actualization and the concept of "Do What You Love, The Money Will Follow"?

5. What did you learn that was most significant? Include a discussion of the three occupational choices you are examining and indicate how your, personality, interests, and ability testing results support that choice. What, if anything, would you still like to learn? Would you recommend this course to a friend? Why? or Why not? Please feel free to give any other commentary or feedback to your instructor.

6. Extra: You may wish to submit a resume if you are ready to go look for the opportunity to work.

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