What Impressions Do I Have Of Others?

Now that you have learned how to diagram your interactions, let us practice with one of your Social Atoms which you constructed. See Lesson 11 for details..

Imagine yourself in a group, such as in your family, or work group, or group of friends, and picture this on a large bull's eye target. Place yourself on the target with relationship to where you believe you belong in this group. Place yourself near the people that you feel are genuinely close to you and place yourself farther from those you feel are more distant from you. Place yourself close to the center of the target to the extent that you feel included in the group. Place yourself farther from the group based upon how you see yourself as less included in the group.  Consider where you are now with the group, not where you were last week, or where you might be next week.[1]

Answer each of the following questions. Include the drawing with your comments.

1. This is how I see my position in the group________________.

2. This is how I feel about my position in the group___________.

                3. This is what it tells me about myself_____________________.

1. Ann Hale, Conducting Clinical Sociometric Explorations, 1981, page 57

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