What does psychosomatogenic mean?


Stress is implicated in many diseases.[1] In fact the word dis-ease, or ill- at- ease may suggest the mind-body connection in disease. The relatively new field of Psychoneuroimmunology [2]studies the link between the immune system and the nervous system.  Although there is no conclusive evidence in the relationship between and stress and disease, there is considerable research linking the two.   Classify the following diseases and see if you can find that link.

Please note that
psychogenic refers to a physical disease which is caused by emotional stress. Somatogenic refers to a physical disease which is contracted when the mind increases the body's susceptibility to illness.[3]

Psychosomatogenic is a coined word Robert Brehm uses to refer to more commonly known words in the literature as psychosomatic, and psycho-physiological. Be sure an include any sources and your reasoning for making  your decision.  Determine which of the following are psychogenic and somatogenic. Please provide a quotation from your text or cite the page number from any other other source and then provide your rationale for your answer.

1. hypertension,

 2. cancer,

3. asthma,

4. hay fever,

 5. rheumatoid arthritis,

6. allergies 

7.backache. [4]

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