What is the connection between personality and disease?


" 85% of all symptoms represent a reaction to emotional stress. And EVERY illness,
whatever the interrelating factors, is influenced strongly
by emotional stress or calm" * Norman Shealy, M.D.


Remember too much, or little, of any substance can put the mind/body connection at ( dis -ease). Stressors can create conditions known as (dis-at-ease). Psychogenic refers to a disease which is caused by those emotional conditions. The white blood cells can be lowered in number and, the already existing microbes, overwhelm the immune system Somatogenic refers to a condition in which the mind body connection increases the body's susceptibility to illness. All diseases may be thought of as psychosomatogenic, i.e., every disease has a resultant affect in the mind/body connection. 

Now see if you can make a connection among  stress, personality, and disease. In other words, which emotional components were likely recognizable before the presenting symptoms of the disease? Although there are as yet no absolute answers, there is considerable research implicating certain personality types, emotional states, and disease.

Label the emotional state that you believe is associated with the following diseases.*   The word emotional here is intended to refer to any strong feelings, such as anger, fear, sadness, disgust, joy,  anticipation, surprise, or acceptance. What do you think?  Support your answers with reasons and sources when possible.

Disease Personality trait Emotional trait
Cancer excessive passivity fear
Ulcers over-achievement
Obesity craving for love
Endocrine disorders emotional conflicts
Asthma anger
Constipation depression
High blood pressure inhibited hostility
Cardiovascular disorders anger
Migraine ambitious, rigid, personality
Headache, backache restrained, emotions

Extra Credit ( 10 points )[ Search the Internet and provide a hyperlink and a summary of your information that highlights the Mind Body connection.]

                * Norman Shealy, M.D., "Ninety Days to Self Health," 1978, p. 12-26

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