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Food and drinks can be a reinforcers to stress. Keep a diet journal  for one day and see if you can consume less than thirty percent of saturated fat in every single item you eat.[ See the hyperlink

 Be sure and maintain the necessary calorie intake for your age, weight, and sex. Journal pages are not acceptable if they have fewer than the recommended number of calories for your age, sex, unless accompanied by a medical doctor's written note. You may wish to visit the following hyperlink to  the  American Heart Association   Thishyperlkink  may assist you in your calculations or you may have to read the package food label or ask the food source for the per cent of fat.

*Notice there are more than 400 points possible in this course and you only need 400  points to get a perfect grade point. Look at the assignment page if you have forgotten how to obtain the necessary 400 points, as there are listed various options, such as chat rooms, threaded discussion group, online inventories, search for hyperlinks, and there are four journals: Stress Journal, Aerobic Journal, Diet Journal, and Relaxation Journal..

 Consult your physician or other health practitioner before you begin lower than 30% fat diet. Use the following formula, if you cannot find the percent of fat. The average percent of fat is equal to the number of grams of fat multiplied by nine, as there are nine calories in one gram of fat, and then divide the multiplicand by the number of calories. Using the formula above, let's take this as an example. To find the percentage of calories of carbohydrates, as there are four calories in one gram of a carbohydrate  in comparison to nine calories in one gram of fat would you need to do the following:

 For example, if there are 110 calories in a half-pint of milk and the number of grams of fat is listed as 5, then multiply 5 by ( 9), as there are nine calories in 1 gram of fat. Now take the multiplicand, which is 45.   Finally take the dividend 45 and divide it  by the divisor 110. The answer is the number .40 which converts from decimal .40 to approximately percent 40 fat. Remember, each entry in your low fat diet journal must not exceed 30 percent of fat. Your diet must also reflect the proper daily calorie content for your age group. Note of caution as  some packages of food  list the percent of fats based upon a total daily calorie intake for a daily average, which is often quite misleading.


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