What are stress reduction techniques?

Stress can  become destructive. It can turn into distress. It can gnaw away at you and sap your energy over the years.  Some researchers think all stress is bad for you.[1] others state that stress in itself is always harmful. Dr. Brian Seaward,  the term neustress to refer to the stressors that have no consequential effect upon you. [2]

This  next part of the course will focus on  the application of various "stress reduction" techniques that seem to work regardless of your definition of stress. This "special-effect" hypothesis was first put forth by Herbert Benson[3].

Various "stress reduction" strategies introduced in the next few lessons are as follows: Breath Counting, the Relaxation Response, Autogenic Training, Progressive Relaxation, and Imagery.

What stress reduction strategies have you found most helpful? What have been least helpful?  Be sure and provide  examples and explain your reasoning. 

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