What is the Meditation of Contemplation?

According to Dr. Lawrence LeShan,[1] this meditation is often referred to in Eastern culture as "One point" and is used frequently by a number of mystical schools.

 Contemplation is essentially observing something (an object, a flower, a pebble etc.) with the similar experience as one would in touching the object.

An example would be to touch a piece of cloth with the eyes closed for a minute, or so, and then observe the same cloth with the eyes open. Notice if the experience is similar, or different, and in what way.


Find an object and spend 15 minutes in contemplation. Be sure and try not stare at the object. Try and not think about the object. Remember this is a very difficult type of meditation.

Keep a record of the times you practice contemplation and write it in your Relaxation Journal below. How did you like this technique? Was it easy or difficult? Under what conditions would you consider using this technique? Under what conditions would it likely be inappropriate, if any?

Keep a daily log of your relaxation practice.

Relaxation Journal

Time of Day________
Biodot color at:
Beginning of Session______
End of Session______



Type of Relaxation Skill Practiced___________

    1.  Lawrence LeShan ,"How to Meditate" Audio Cassette Tape, 1987]

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