What is the Meditation of the Bubble?

Inner Way Meditation

This meditation provides a minimal structure to facilitate your becoming aware of your own consciousness. The purpose of this meditation is to facilitate your inner rhythm or timing and allows you to experience thoughts and feelings without needing to make connections.


Picture yourself sitting, or scuba diving, at the bottom of a lake. You notice bubbles slowly rising from the bottom to the top and disappear. Imagine each thought, feeling, perception that you are having is encapsulated in the bubble and let it rise to the top of the lake and disappear. Repeat this procedure for 15-20 minutes.[1]

Keep a daily log of your relaxation practice.

Relaxation Journal

Time of Day________
Biodot color at:
Beginning of Session______
End of Session______



Type of Relaxation Skill Practiced___________

    1. Lawrence LeShan, How to Meditate, Audio Cassette Tape, 1987

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