What is the Mantra Meditation?  

Mantra comes from the Sanskrit word (Man) mind and (tra) sound. It is one of the most widely practiced meditations. It basically is focusing on one thought at a time by using the repetition of sounds of words or phrases.

 Two theories seem common in explanation of the mantra. One explanation is that the word of itself has a special meaning or sound that fits the individual. Another is that the vibration of the sound stimulates certain organs and brings them into greater harmony.

 LeShan [1] believes that the nonsense of the word is actually an appropriate choice for the mantra. His method is to take a telephone directory and pick at random the first syllable of one name and then select another name using its first syllable

This combination of sounds is then used as a mantra. Another example of words might be my favorite (chakon) (Ompadirva) (Walla Walla) (Rollerball) or (Elephant). As with other meditation methods, practice twice daily for 20 minutes.

Keep a daily log of your relaxation practice.

Relaxation Journal

Time of Day________
Biodot color at:
Beginning of Session______
End of Session______



Type of Relaxation Skill Practiced___________

1. Lawrence LeShan, Lawrence How to Meditate, Audio Cassette Tape, 1987

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