1.What is the definition of self esteem?    [See Nathaniel Branden]

2.What is the power issue as related to high self-esteem?

3.What is the  competency issue as related to self-esteem?

4.What is the like-ability issue as related to self-esteem?

5.What is the most important idea that you learned from this lesson?[1]

Below is a sample answer to question 1 which illustrates the standards necessary for a student to receive complete credit for the assignment. 

 Note that a definition is provided, a personal example is given, and the sources are cited from where the information was obtained.

1.What is the definition of self-esteem?

According to Marsha Sinetar,  definition of self-esteem is described is described as follows:
 "self-esteem is our earliest self-verdict. It can also be described as a self-judgment. Formed early in life... our self-judgment becomes our world-view ". [2]

Although that definition is not very specific, lesson 11 indicates that Nathaniel Branden[3]  defined self-esteem more specifically as" the disposition to experience oneself as being competent to cope with the basic challenges of life and of being worthy of happiness"

An example, as I understand it might be, if I were a student and prepared myself for each class, I would be demonstrating my disposition of being competent and my worthy of happiness in a specific way. However, if I had really high self-esteem this desire for preparedness and worthiness would carry over in to my life in general..

Nathaniel Branden further points out that "self- esteem is not a kind of euphoria ""Self- esteem is not a feeling," but rather an attitude, a thinking pattern that seems to be self-fulfilling, i.e., there is a belief system that sets oneself up to succeed.

As it relates to careers, it appears similar to the self-concept theory as discussed in lesson 8   which stated the following:

" The self-concept theory hypothesizes how a person, consciously or unconsciously, defines oneself in terms of self-concept predisposes one  to seek that type of career choice."

In short: self-esteem is the disposition of a mental attitude  that appears to determine our level of competency and our level of our worthiness to be happy in life. The higher the self-esteem we have the more the degree of our competency and worthy of being happy.

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Indicate the assumptions  that you are making, if you intend the opinion to represent anyone, or anything, other than yourself, or your own experience. Indicate any supporting data that you have in making your assumptions and what experimentation would be necessary in order to strengthen the argument or your claim

If you present information as fact, please indicate the source and the method used to establish the fact. If you are using a theoretical hypothesis, please state it and the method used for the examination or proof of  it. 

 If you are stating an apriori assumption, or affirming a commonly  held   "belief system", please limit your discussion  to your own experience and indicate how you apply it successfully to yourself. Please include an opposing argument to your affirmed " belief system" and indicate with  your reasoning as to how it is not as applicable to you as is your own belief system.

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