Briefly stated and somewhat overly simplified: Your beliefs about yourself make up what constitutes your self-concept. The self-concept theory  postulated by Donald Super  hypothesized that how a person, consciously, or unconsciously, defined oneself predisposed one to that type of career.


Make a list of twenty adjectives that describe yourself. Take a self-esteem inventory and see if it confirms what you listed below.

I am_________________________________

Now put a plus or minus by the words. Let the mathematical symbol + represent the words you used to describe yourself positively. Let the mathematical symbol-represent those words that you described yourself negatively. Now add a number to the plus or minus ( such as 1, 2, etc.) to give it some valence. Finally, add the total and see whether you end up with more plus or minus scores. What is your  total composite score and what does it indicate to you?

Nathaniel Brandon   postulated that high self-esteem people were those who believed that they were capable and worthy of being happy. What does your score suggest to you? Explain your reasoning.   

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