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Interpersonal Relations is a course designed to assist students to improve effectiveness when relating with other people. Self-perception theory and other perception theory provide a theoretical foundation for interpersonal effectiveness.  The development of self-awareness, critical thinking, communication skills, and problem solving skills, is available through the use of chat rooms, threaded discussion groups, e-mail correspondence, Net meeting, or on-campus instructor meetings.

General Objective

The course focus is on increasing interpersonal effectiveness when relating with others. Interpersonal effectiveness is defined as to the degree to which the consequences of a person's behavior match up with his/her stated intentions.

Specific Objective

The individual assigned lessons require  participatory activities which include the application of  projective techniques, communication, listening, and problem  solving skills. Emphasis is on developing a critical thinking which can be divided into four levels: (1) Knowledge, (2)  Self-Awareness, (3)  Self-Critique, (4) Search for Self Understanding.

Knowledge - refers to taking  a standardized personality inventory and other online inventories designed to increase self-awareness.

Self-Awareness- refers to using projective techniques to assist individuals to discover through a process of cognitive dissonance the contradiction between doctrines and opinions regarding interpersonal relationships

Self-Critique- refers to assisting individuals that good thoughts and opinions must be supported by good reasoning. Individuals begin to understand other points of view and learn to evaluate complex issues.

Self-Understanding- refers to integrating  through a rational, objective  method  a means for  understanding and accepting full responsibility  for one's  interpersonal phenomenology.


Students are required to complete individual assignments, a standardized personality test, and to complete a final.

Acceptable Performance

 Each assignment is awarded points which accumulate and equate to a letter grade


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