Interpersonal Relations

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Referenced text: David W. Johnson, Reaching Out: Interpersonal Effectiveness and Self-Actualization, Boston: Allyn and Bacon, 2003 

Don E. Hamachek, Encounter with Others: Interpersonal Relationships and You, New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston,1982



Lesson 1

Why are relationships important?



Lesson 2

Are you looking into a glass window or into a looking glass?



Lesson 3

How strong and lasting are first impressions?



Lesson 4

How can we perceive others accurately?



Lesson 5

What is self-disclosure?



Lesson 6

How is my past related to my present?



Lesson 7

What are self-disclosing questions?,



Lesson 8

What is the Johari window?,




16PF Questionnaire



Lesson 9

How do I see my current relationships?



Lesson 10

How do I fantasize my  relationships to be ?



Lesson 11

How am I different in different situations?



Lesson 12

How do I see myself in groups?



Lesson 13

What are the patterns in my interpersonal relationships?



Lesson 14

What issues do I want to explore in more depth?



Lesson 15

How can we recognize them from us?



Lesson 16

Can you imagine being in my shoes?



Lesson 17

Can you take a risk?



Lesson 18

Is every problem in a relationship a problem of projection?



Lesson 19

Am I looking through a glass window or into a looking glass?



Lesson 20

How can I stop others' projections?



Lesson 21

How can I build trust?



Lesson 22

How can I put it all together?



Lessons 23

What did you say?



Lesson 24

What are you feeling?



Lesson 25

What happens when you don't express your feelings?



Lesson 26

Who listens anyway?



Lesson 27

Does practice make perfect?



Lesson 28

Do opposites attract or repel?



Lesson 29

What if we don't like ourselves?



Lesson 30

Why are people attracted to each other?










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