How can I build trust?

"Trust thyself only, and another shall not betray thee"-Thomas Fuller

See if you can do the following exercise without using the negative aspects of the attribution process.

 1. See [ lesson 4] [lesson 15] for review of  the  attribution process. Remember what you have learned in the use of feedback [lesson 9] and self-disclosure .[lesson5].

2. Think about a relationship in which you would like to build trust.  

3. Look at your Social Atom or visualize building trust with someone using  the empty chair technique.

4. Review the 16PF Questionnaire and notice if your tendency is to distrust as illustrated in personality descriptor  L  [ vigilance ]

 5. Find someone you would like to build trust with.[1]

Have a dialogue with him, or her, and state the most important thing you believe you can do to build trust.  Rank from 1-5 the characteristics from what you believe are most important to least important.  See if you can avoid problems of situational or dispositonal attribution when providing your list below. What did you  learn most about yourself in relationship to your projections and building trust?

    1.David W. Johnson,  Reaching Out: Interpersonal Effectiveness and Self Actualization,8th ed., Boston:  Allyn and Bacon 2003, p119

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