What is Psychosomatic Disease?


Psychosomatic disease refers to a mind and body relationship. Somatogenic disease occurs when the mind increases the body's susceptibility to some disease causing microbes. Psychogenic disease is a disease associated with emotional stress which by itself  lowers the body's immune system. In lesson 13 we studied various diseases in the mind/body connection.

What disease, or diseases, seem to have a clear mind/body connection and what disease, or disease, if any, seem to have little, or no, mind/body connection? If your were, or are, a researcher what research questions interest you?  

( Extra Credit ) Is every disease Psychosomatic?  What is the mind- body connection?  Summarize the article and its importance to understanding the stress component. What do you think?  Support your answers with reasons and sources when possible.  Search the Internet to find information that highlights the Mind Body connection.]

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