Career Exploration Objectives

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This online career course is intended to guide an individual through the complex array of career choices . The use of standardized  career testing  analyzes  an individual's interests, personality, and abilities.  The course is designed for the college student, but the curious, as well as the professional, will find the information useful in career planning..  The student will  be expected to select three occupational areas which are compatible with the results of the standardized testing.  The student earns points which equate to a grade point by completing individual assignments, a project and a final. 


1. Identify various theories of career choice.
2. Analyze Personality orientation, Interests and Skills and Abilities and  show how they relate to  a career choice.
3. Examine the ways in which the individual's values, interests, abilities, and career choices are consistent with the test results.
4. Locate information available from the Guide to Occupational Exploration,  [ G.O.E] Dictionary of Title [DOT],  and the   Outlook Handbook [OOH].
5. Select three top career areas of interest.
6. Analyze the job market projection in  three career area (s) of interest.
7. Interview three employers in the career area of interest..
8. Prepare a written final project.
9. Write a job Resume
10. Complete a Final.


Individual lessons specify the tasks, the completion dates, and accumulated points which equate to a letter grade.

Evaluation Criteria

To receive full credit for assignments do the following:

1. Type in complete standard English sentences and answer all of the questions posed in the lesson assignments.

2. Provide the definitions of technical words or concepts used in this course.

3. Illustrate by giving examples used in the text book. 
4. Cite the sources used in answering the questions.

5. Provide your reasoning when giving your own opinion. 


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