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Referenced text: Marsha Sinetar, Do What You Love, The Money Will Follow,  New York: Dell Publishing, 1987
Referenced text: Jack L. Rettig, 
Careers, Belmont, California: Fearon/Janus/Quercus, 1986

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  1 Why do I want to take this course?    
  2 How do others influence my choices?    
  3 What is my "Right Livelihood"?    
  4 Do I do what I say I do?    
  5 How do I know where I am going?    
  6 What is taking an inventory?    
  7 Who is in charge?    
  8 What are theories of career choices?    
  9 What occupations have I considered?    
  10 Who Am I?    
  11 What is my self-concept?    
  12 What should I do ?    
  13 What is my life's purpose?    
  14,15,&16 What makes me happy?    
  17 What are my needs and my wants?    
  18 What is Maslow's hierarchy of needs?    
  19 What would I do with $10000000?    
  20 How can I assess my needs?    
  21,22,23 How can I construct my graph?    
  24 What is my resistance to career success?    
  25 What is work?    
  26 -27 What is your favorite definition of work?    
  28 Do What You Love The $ Will Follow.    
  29 What are the future projections of work?    
  30 Who makes the most money?    
    What is the 16PF Questionnaire?    
  31 What are my odds for a good match?    
  32 What are the "Three Laws?"    
  33 Career Field Project    
    Career Final    
    What career inventories can I take as extra credit?    
    16PF Sample Profile.    

wpe4A.jpg (9679 bytes) Instructor: Robert D. Brehm, M.A.