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Referenced text:  Brain Luke Seaward, Managing Stress, Principles and Strategies for Health and Well being, 3rd ed., Boston: Jones and Bartlett Publishers, 2002

Referenced test: Merrily Manthey, Natural Medicine Handbook for People over 50, The Foundation for Excellence in Health Care, 1998,  Post Office Box, 279, Kent, Washington

Referenced text: Jerrold Greenberg, Comprehensive Stress Management,  Boston: McGraw-Hill,1999 

  1 Why am I taking the course?    
  2 What causes me stress?    
  3 How much stress makes me ill?     
  4 How is stress like a ghost!    
  5 What are stressors?    
  6 What is a  stress journal?    
  7 What is stress?    
  8 & 9 What is the stress response?    
    16 Personality Factor Questionnaire    
10 What is a Stress Model?     
  11 How do doctors treat stress?    
  12 What is disease?    
  13 What is the relationship between personality and disease?    
  14 What is Psychosomatic disease?    
  15 What are reinforcers of stress?    
  16 & 17 How does diet reinforce stress?    
  18 & 19 What is a diet journal?    
  20 How do drugs reinforce stress?    
  21,22 & 23 How is aerobic exercise related to  reducing stress?    
  24 Do beliefs increase stress?.    
  25, 26,& 27 How are emotions stressful?    
  28, & 29 What is type" A"  personality?    
  30 Does humor reduce stress?    
  31 What is a biodot?    
  32 What are stress reduction techniques?    
  33 What is "Meditation"?    
  34 What is the "Relaxation Response"?    
  35 What is "Contemplation"?    
  36 What is the "Bubble Technique"?    
  37 What is a "Mantra"?    
  38 What is "Autogenic" training?    
  39 What is "Guided Imagery"?    
  40 What is "Progressive Relaxation"?    
  41 What is "Biofeedback"?    

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